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Drilling Products

Bench Tree offers a full line of measurement while drilling products, from O-rings to kit boxes, to meet your changing needs. All drilling products go through strict qualifications to ensure quality on the rig and in the hole. Bench Tree tools are engineered and rigorously tested to consistently provide highly accurate data, even in the most challenging drilling conditions.

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Laptop Hands Tools Kit Hammer Unions Spearpoint Assembly Centralizers Fishing/Handling Tool Kit Fin Cutter Lifting Bail Assembly Battery Tool Stands m+ Pulser DM OM, EM & Transzorb Pipe Screens Muleshow Sleeve Assembly Standard Helix Lower End Assembly Alignment Wrench Weight Bar 5 ft Spang Jar 30 in Stroke Spacer Bar 5 ft Muleshoe Knockout Tool Barrel Friction Wrenches Jumper Cables Power Cord Cables Power Strips Flow Simulator Parts Kit BTR-W RD-G Breakout Box Printer/UPS Aluminum Job Box - size options available Transducers